Should I buy him a watch for Valentine's Day?

Should I buy him a watch for Valentine's Day?

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and you want to show him that you put a lot of effort into this gift. What a better idea than gifting him a wristwatch. While your Valentine will surely appreciate any gift, you want to give something that will truly let them know just how much they mean to you. Give the gift of love to your loved one. 

Even if this is your 1st Valentine together or the 25th one, a watch is always a perfect gift to give to a man. It is their only jewelry, and many men take pride in their timepieces. To a man, a watch is not just about telling time, but it is the craftsmanship and engineering behind it all. That is why a mechanical unique watch from Tufina's collection it's a great fit. You will be gifting something not mass-produced, something hand-assembled, and of course something out of the ordinary. Furthermore, pleasing him while you support a family business of 8 generations.

This leads to another great point, men love a gift with purpose and meaning. When they see the intricate movements on our see-through skeleton masterpieces, and they find out the story of our family and production, the value of this gift will multiply. These are unique watches that cannot be bought at stores and inventory is very limited. Let us suggest 3 top choices for this Valentine's Day. You will thank us!

1. Made in Germany "Kingston" Theorema
This is a watch made for a king. The open heart on the face of the watch shows the king's crown. Prime qualitaty materials were used in order to have the most stable delivery of energy and also have less friction on the main gear. 

2. Made in Germany "Venezia" Theorema
It is designed to be classy and modern. The high-end quality of the ornamentation of the design gives this watch an exceptional look. The band in itself is a statement because the design of it gives character to the piece in general. 

3. Made in Germany "Miami" Pionier
A thoroughly contemporary mechanical wristwatch that doesn't just look the part, this is it. Functionality and design melt very nicely in this automatic timepiece. Flawless accuracy in timekeeping. Impeccable precision on your wrist. This timepiece is extremely easy to set.

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