People are going crazy for this watch!

People are going crazy for this watch!

When the German powerhouse Theorema first introduced the Made in Germany Oman see through mechanical skeleton, we all knew it was going to be an epic timepiece. In the two years since then, this special model has been in reproduction four times. 

What has made the Oman such a forefront of our store?

A premium model from all Theorema's collection.

A model that is easy adaptable to different looks.
A stunning accessory with an elegant motif. 
A luxurious model made attainable to all. 

When all of the above qualities match its a realization that this is a fashionable watch combined with quality. The Oman is without any doubts a sophisticated timepiece, which will bring awareness upon you everywhere you wear it. The perk of this model is that it can be worn in many events with different attires. Theorema designed it having in mind the modern millennial men who still have a sense of tradition. That is why here at Tufina, we fully back up this masterpiece. Our personal story should be an inspiration to anyone with a dream. If you are in need of a beautiful watch do not hesitate to make yours this game changer. 

*Oman has completely sold out many times before. Please take advantage while in stock! Theorema hand-assembles all watches, thus we cannot know for sure when inventory will be available again. 

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