Fascinating Paris - the watch with two movements!

Fascinating Paris - the watch with two movements!

Yesterday France won the World Cup for the second time in history. They are the kings for the next four years. But, we have our own trophy to share with you. The fascinating dual time movement, Limited Edition, rare and unique Paris Theorema.

Without no doubt Theorema had to design a special watch representing the city of love. It is for this reason that only few watches were build.Tufina carries the last 99 pieces.Paris is a distinct city rightly deserving an exceptional timepiece. The double face dual time with a mix of Arabic and Roman numbers is the first thing that strikes about this prominent wristwatch. The main dial features a beautiful skeleton bridge and date calendar. Both dials are controlled by two easy grasp engraved crowns harmoniously displayed on each side. Ah, the details... Theorema used two sets of hand shapes. The left dials uses the strong alpha hands, and the right dial uses the elegant syringe hands. Yes, in Paris everything is possible! One of the cultural center's of the world, the city of lights! 

And the best part... this watch has two movements. 
Theorema went above and beyond to impress with this watch. This wristwatch has two exclusive movements powered by two rotors. WOW!  There are 21 jewels inside this timepiece. In quality watches, to minimize error, capstones were added to the leveler and escape wheel bearings, making it 21 jewels. The open back adds to the marvels of this design, so you the wearer can admire and fall in love, same as people fall in love when in Paris. 

Not done yet, this watch carries few secrets. 
Turn it horizontally, and you will see that the two dials form a tower, what famous tower lives in Paris? 
Check the back of the watch, don't the two movements make the number 8? Number 8 not only is considered to be an infinite sign, but as well a lucky number. Two attributes of love, when in love in Paris one feels as time is endless, and the luckiest. 

*Do not forget, we carry the last pieces of this model. Cannot be held accountable if the watch is soon out of stock.

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