Our first woman's watch - Made in Germany LADY BUTTERFLY THEOREMA.

Our first woman's watch - Made in Germany LADY BUTTERFLY THEOREMA.

To create and manufacture a woman's mechanical watch is a daunting experience for any independent watchmaker. The market is overpopulated with not very good ladies watches, therefore Theorema wanted to dive into this large market. Most of the ladies' watches are plastic and battery-operated. The Germans wanted to give the ladies the same opportunities as men's watches. A real watch! A mechanical masterpiece! A unique timepiece! A true full skeleton hand-wind power reserve wristwatch made for ladies.

The Made in Germany "Lady Butterfly" Theorema with 11 Swarovski stones is an homage to all the ladies that always felt they could rarely find the right wristwatch for them. It is not small, yet not extra big. The way it operates makes it a traditional timepiece. In a genuine cow leather with gold plated and 5 microns stainless steel case. It does come with a 2-year warranty. A beautiful-looking watch with a very unique design. A see-through movement that imitates the "Golden Bridge" in San Francisco. The design of the lugs and case are rather masculine, but then we have those beautiful diamonds surrounding the bezel making it a very dainty watch. 

There are no mistakes with this watch. A very fine polishing job that will seat smoothly on any lady's wrist. Our female customers will love wearing this timepiece. You will feel gorgeous wearing it on every occasion where you want to showcase something different. Rest assured there will be no one else wearing the same piece. The diamonds being a girl's best friend will make the face of this watch stand out. Attention will fall on the open face, which will leave viewers surprised and impressed with your new timepiece. It is easy to style this wristwatch with anything. You will love pairing it with your dress or your casual trendy look.

If you don't care much about rules and regulations, but want a fun timepiece full of life and colors by far this is the right watch for you. It looks great during the day and fancy to be worn at a night out. No need to spend thousands of dollars to look good. Theorema makes affordable luxury watches for that same reason, so everyone can feel the joy of wearing a mechanical timepiece. Made in Germany "Lady Butterfly" Theorema an elegant and professional timepiece that will fill your day. 


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