Our All American Watches - Happy 4th of July!

Our All American Watches - Happy 4th of July!

USA has some of the best places to live and visit. Chicago has been our home for two decades. We love it!

Happy 4th y'all!

For this special occasion we thought it would be nice to bring to light two of our American watch models. Each one of them was built having these places in mind. 

The Chicago
Of course we had to have a watch after our home sweet home Chicago. Our beautiful "Windy City" forever in our hearts. This beautiful model features four dials. The reason it has four, because the Chicagoflaghas four stars. A full calendar with a sun and moon phase add elegance to this wonderful timepiece. The watch features ten diamonds. They harmoniously seat on the face of the watch. We personally grew up being fanatics of the Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan leading the team, and basketball's top rim is always ten feet above the court. The automatic mechanism aligns in value with the mastery of this watch. The classical round shape crown, and the unique engraved push buttons make this watch stand out. Last but not least, this Chicago by Pionier Germany has a rare case. The design here is particular with the escalated carved look. The reason it was done so, because of the famous Ferries Wheel in downtown Chicago. 


The New York
As it often happens Billie Holiday is playing in the background at any of our offices. Listening to the famous "Autumn in New York" by Billie thats where the designers of Pionier got the idea to name a model after the vibrant city. A vibrant city deserving a vibrant watch. NYC is the center of the world in many aspects, and yet to each one it means something different. They had to build a watch that would become the center of all Pionier brand. Oh boy, and it did! The Made in Germany New York by Pionier has become not only a best seller, but the most requested item. The watch that most customers go wow when opening the box. A sturdy big face watch similar to the city being strong and colossal. The bullet bezel design is representing NYC's best places. Each bullet for a famous place in NYC such as the Lady Liberty, the Broadway, Central Park and many more. Each one has different favorite places. We will let you decide what each bullet means to you. Another characteristic of the model is the many carvings and engravings. Can you try to lose your mind counting them? There are so many of them on the bezel, on the crown, and on the push buttons in a metaphoric way portraying all the subway lines and stations that seem so endless in NYC, where we at Tufina always feel to lose our minds when visiting. 

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