Mechanical or Automatic Watches: What Should You Choose?

Mechanical or Automatic Watches: What Should You Choose?

Mechanical Watches vs. Automatic Watches: Which One Should You Buy?

For men, buying a watch can be a deeply personal decision. It reflects your personality and style. But given the wide range of choices available when shopping, picking out a watch can be overwhelming. At Tufina, we help our clients decide by explaining the basic elements that differentiate watches from one another. Here we discuss the difference between mechanical and automatic watches:

Mechanical Watches:

Most of us have fond memories of our parents or grandparents winding their timepieces carefully and reminding us that that watch would be ours one day. Mechanical watches are special because they carry with them special memories and can be passed down generation after generation.

The complex movement orchestrated by hundreds of small parts working in tandem to make a watch tick is a treat to watch. If you’re as mesmerized as I am by this harmony of this mechanical precision, I’d suggest investing in a qualityskeleton watch.

There are other benefits to owning mechanical watches. You don’t have to worry about changing batteries and, unlike with smartwatches, they don’t need to be charged every few hours. And if you’re investing in a qualityGerman watchlike aTheoremaorPionier,you know your watch will last a long time.

Automatic Watches:

Sure, mechanical watches are timeless. But not all of us want to have to wind our watches every day. Instead, many find automatic watches more convenient and practical.Automatic watcheshave a weighted rotor that derives its energy from the natural motion of the wrist. As for telling time, they are as accurate as any well-wound mechanical watch. If you are not wearing your watch for some time, store it in the watch winder to keep the watch in motion. But most modernautomatic watcheshave a power reserve to keep them in motion.

The price of an automatic timepiece varies significantly. A handmade, automatic timepiece made using quality materials is naturally more expensive than a mass-produced one. Price also depends on the complexity of the movement. Simple ones that show the date and time are inexpensive when compared to more advanced ones.

Are you looking for good quality automatic or mechanical watches? Visit Tufina!

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