In-house movement: Made in Germany Sahara Theorema.

In-house movement: Made in Germany Sahara Theorema.

Theorema is an independent German watch brand and a family-owned business. This combination is enough to understand that hard work and the right prices will make any business walk the long road of success. For 2021 the Germans decided to open the year strong and different. The Made in Germany Sahara Theorema is the newest release. A German skeleton in a in-house Unitas movement. As the original Unitas / ETA-movement has long run out of any protection thru a patent, other independent manufacturers could use the blueprints of the movements. This is a limited edition from Theorema since this is the first time they are trying out such a combination. By far a statement piece that will forever say "Look how good I am!" A skeleton wristwatch has had watchmakers fascinated for centuries. Stripping a movement from is unnecessary weight requires great quality craftsmanship. Everything is revealed from mainspring to the escapement for the beloved to see.

This beautiful timepiece comes in a 44 mm diameter case accompanied along a very modern crown. A sturdy well build case protects this master watch. The finish of the case is very fine and the quality of it can easily be seen. The open back allows for a clear view of the high-precision mechanism. The movement can be enjoyed front and back. The hands are luminous and appear to have been made with care. The face of the Sahara collection is so harmonious and elegant that will have you fall in love with it. The movement is the real star of the Sahara. The watches are hand assembled in Pforzheim, the German capital of the gold industry and secret center of watchmaking. It is skeletonized and fully engraved, plated with rhodium. The finish is great, and so are the results of the electronic timegrapher. Yes, this watch is precise! As it does not show a second hand, the wearer won’t see the precision – but know it. The amplitude – full wound – reaches 300 degrees, and the timekeeping is within 5 seconds per 24 hours. It is a very comfortable watch to wear thanks to the smooth lugs and genuine cow leather band.

Winding the watch will be the joy of your day. This watch expresses very well its quality and accuracy. All of these elements that this watch showcases are part of the experience. The Made in Germany Sahara Theorema is a reliable timepiece. Very thoughtfully designed and built with care. It does come with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer which comforts any domestic and international buyer. The Sahara Theorema is very deserving of all the praises. A great value for the price. At Tufina we are proud to carry and sell this new timepiece. 

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