I wore a Tufina watch at my wedding. The story of Andrew Loucks.

I wore a Tufina watch at my wedding. The story of Andrew Loucks.

I have knownAndrew Loucksfor about a year now. The most positive, hard-working, and humble guy you will meet. Originally from Lexington, Kentucky, Andrew is first a musician at heart. Andrew started playing music back in 2008, and he toured the country for 3 years. Until 2015 his life was around music, stages, and parties. In 2014 another passion would grow and take him over, lifting weights. From a skinny guy to a bodybuilding athlete. Andrew understood the need for change and balance. As he puts it in his own words"Keep a healthy balance. Balance is key to any fitness routine this way you will stick with it. Because results take time and dedication."

Andrew left 2012 and right 2019
Andrew Loucks on the left in 2012 and on the right in 2019. If that is not hard work and dedication don't know what else it can be. What best describes him now is that he is a self-employed entrepreneur within e-commerce, highly involved in social media marketing & bodybuilding/fitness. His continued goal in life is to remain self-employed and create new business opportunities, connect with others & inspire others to be the best version of themselves. At Tufina we love Andrew's story. It is a story of self-love, perseverance, and turning your dreams into achievable plans. That is why when we heard that our buddy Andrew was getting married this past spring, we had to be present.  He wore the "Tirona PionierQuartz Chronograph"to his wedding, looks stunning! We are so proud to have been part of his big day. In his collection, Andrew has another piece of ours the"Made in Germany Florida Diamonds Pionier". He can't decide which to wear first.


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