Why to Wind an Automatic Watch by Hand?

Why to Wind an Automatic Watch by Hand?

Even with the most expensive watches on the market, you will need to do some work and maintenance. This is what we call "a relationship", because the wearer builds a personal routine with their watch as time goes by. Do not scare away, this is an enjoyable time passing habit that most watch lovers truly look forward to. Remember that your watch is an accessory, but with a lot of fashion flair. People that do purchase mechanical watches truly relish the engineering behind them. The complications of the mechanics it's something that makes them want to own a timepiece like this in the first place. 

Why should you hand wind?

A lot of new customers read the word "automatic" and presume that they will never need to wind their mechanical automatic timepiece. In theory, it can be true, but it is wrong in practice. An automatic watch runs on power reserve, for that it will need either ongoing movement of your wrist or a continuous winding box. This is true, keep it on the winding box or on your wrist, granted you will have power reserve, but because this is still a mechanical timepiece, we do recommend hand winding it for more accurate timekeeping. Understand that there are hundreds of tiny parts inside your watch working on this force of kinetic energy, which sometimes needs some correction. And that correction does come if once in a while during a month, you hand wind your automatic watch, even if you wear it daily. Hand winding will give you more time accuracy and longevity on your mechanism.

When do you hand wind an automatic watch?

There are different instances when you must hand wind an automatic watch. 

  1. When you just get it. It is brand new from the box, please only hand wind it to get it going. Lots of people as soon as it is out of the box shake it harshly, which can lead to issues in the future. 
  2. If the watch has not been worn for a while. It has been sitting idle on your drawer or nightstand. In order to "kick start" it, we will always recommend hand winding it rather than shaking. 
  3. If you bump it somewhere while wearing it. Depending on the caliber of the watch, you should always hand wind your watch after a strong shock to it. It helps correct the gears inside and assures for better timekeeping. 
  4. You have one of those jobs where your wrist does not move a lot, or you do not wear it enough hours to give it enough power reserve. It is always recommended to hand wind it so your watch does not run behind. 

How do you hand wind?

No matter the reason why you are hand winding your watch always and never forget to only wind your watch while you are not wearing it. Do not wind your watch when on your wrist. The stem of the crown/knob over a period of time will bend, and this damage will shorten the longevity of your timepiece. A wind should last at least 30 rotations of the crown, or about 30 seconds. Gently grab the crown in your thumb and index finger and carefully start rotating the crown in a clockwise position. If you must shake an automatic watch, it should always be gentle and in an 180 degree rotation of your wrist right to left. Even though this is less recommended the self sustained gears inside the mechanism will take over.

Automatic Made in Germany Amsterdam calendar Pionier by Tufina Watches

How does an automatic watch work?

No need of batteries. No need of electricity. No need of any other artificial power. Automatic watches are mechanical watches; thus, they use a complex series of gears and springs to tell the time. The power comes within itself. You, the wearer, are the power. How cool is that? A wearer that owns a mechanical watch does put power into their watch by hand-winding a long-coiled spring known as the mainspring. Once fully wound, the spring slowly releases energy over time, powering the rest of the components. In an automatic watch, the rotor (semi-circle) does this automatic function for you while you wear your watch, move your wrist, or shake it gently. For benefits of hand-winding please read above this article.

Why purchase a Tufina automatic watch?

Tufina automatic watches are worth purchasing for their practicality, longevity, and amazing heritage. Our timepieces are hand-designed, hand-assembled, ship directly from the manufacturer in Munich, Germany in an original luxury box. They come with 2-years warranty on them with amazing quality and look. Automatic watches are easy to use and fit well in every attire or event. There is a particular feeling when you pull out your wrist and a wonderful timepiece seat on it. It simply is a simple, yet perfect experience, as well a sign of respect. Instead of just checking your phone at a meeting, which can be translated as rude or out of touch. Not to mention that automatic watches are echo-friendly due to no battery pollution. 

Automatic sun and moon-phase Made in Germany Boston Pionier by Tufina Watches


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