Tufina Theorema Melbourne Compast, German mechanical watch for men with a gold case, brown leather band, skeleton dial, Breguet hands and gold Roman numerals

How To Wear A Watch The Right Way

Watches are one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry. However, there are a few things that are good to pay attention to when styling a watch. Just because a watch is beautiful, it doesn’t mean that it matches well with any outfit. If you’re interested in learning more about how to properly wear a watch, here are 5 style tips to help you look sharp at all times!

Tufina Dubai Theorema, German watch for men with a mechanical movement, gold case and bracelet, sleek black dial, Roman numerals

Tufina Dubai Theorema.

Wear your watch on the left wrist

The actual rule regarding watch etiquette is that you should wear your watch on your non-dominant hand. Since the majority of people are right-handed, it’s natural for them to wear their watches on their left wrist. Surely, if you are left-handed, you can wear your watch on your right hand. However, if you are attending a formal setting where you are worried about making a good first impression, we recommend that you wear your watch on your left wrist so that it doesn’t appear as if you don’t know the proper etiquette. Nevertheless, do what feels the most comfortable, as we believe style without comfort doesn’t mean anything!

Match your watch with your clothing style

It’s important that you learn how to pair your watch with your attire. Unless you’re going for a casual look, there are a few certain rules to keep in mind when choosing a timepiece to go with your outfit.


We recommend picking a watch with a sleek and clean design for fancy occasions. At a gala, formal evening or other similar events, clothing style is put together, controlled and carefully curated in detail. Therefore, you should opt for a watch that matches this chic look. Go for timepieces with clean dials, leather bands and minimalist bezels. Gold and silver are always a nice color scheme. Avoid chronographs or sports watches, and steer away from timepieces with rubber bands. 

Business Formal

Classic timepieces can work well with business attire as well. Anything that’s elegant, toned down and sleek will match pretty much all business suits or office wear. There is a bit more freedom, since you can opt for chronograph pieces (although not a common choice). However, make sure to conform to a similar, classy look. Try to match your watch with the colors of your outfit. Monochrome looks are always a safe choice!

Business Casual

Here is where things get a bit more fun. Business casual wear allows for a wider watch style selection. A shirt paired with neat jeans can match well with an elegant, striking watch. You can play around with color and perhaps even pick a more intricate, modern design. You can opt for a sports watch, although most people would think that makes too much of a bold impression so we don’t really recommend you do so. 

Casual Wear

Let your imagination run wild! You can go from a minimalist, clean watch to a vibrant, multi-tone timepiece. A sophisticated, modern or trendy watch can make any outfit seem much more attractive, so don’t be afraid to experiment. If you want to look polished at all times, we recommend you go for a more classic piece.

Tufina Theorema Melbourne Compast mechanical watch for men with a gold case, brown leather band, skeleton dial, Breguet hands and roman numerals
Tufina Theorema Melbourne Compast | GM-124-4 | Gold.

Watch out for color combinations

Good styling depends on the ability to match colors and tones. Always make sure to look for any possible color combinations. For example, if you’re wearing a brown belt and brown shows, pick a watch with gold colors. If your watch has a blue dial, find a matching blue shirt. These little details can take your outfit to a whole other level. Also, it’s important to watch out for colors that clash with one another. You can play with contrast (for example: matching a white suit with a black watch), however, don’t mix colors that would never pair well. For instance, a red watch is rarely paired with a pink shirt (unless you’re going for a super fashionista, out-of-the-box look!). 

Use materials to your advantage

It may sound obvious, but many people forget to pair materials. However, matching accessories that are made of a similar material can really add quality to your look! If you’re going to wear a leather belt and shoes, make sure to pick a watch with a leather band. Alternatively, if you are going to wear silver or gold rings and bracelets, a watch with a metal bracelet would be the optimal choice. Always make sure to leverage texture and materials to create a sleek and cohesive look.

Tufina Theorema Venezia, mechanical watch with a fully skeletonized dial, thing diamond hands and a stainless steel mesh bracelet

Tufina Venezia Theorema, Germany. 

Should you wear your watch inward or outward?

You might have noticed a trend of men wearing their watches facing inward. However, let’s not be confused. The “old-fashioned” way of wearing a watch is outward. However, some people opt for the opposite, mainly due to convenience. For example, people who need to check the time very frequently, may find that wearing a watch inward is way easier. You will often see men in the military or policemen do so. Wearing a watch inward does not only make time telling easier, but it also reduces sun glare. So it makes perfect sense that people in these professions (or sportsmen) will wear their watches facing inward. If you’re simply looking for the most stylish, classic way of wearing a watch, simply put it on facing outwards.

How should your watch look on the wrist?

The rule of thumb is that you should wear your watch just above the wrist bone. Ideally, if you’re wearing long sleeved shirts or jackets, your watch should slightly peek out from under the cuffs of your shirt. Make sure to tighten the strap or adjust the bracelet so that the watch is snug but comfortable. You don’t want to wear your watch so loose that it twists around your wrist. Naturally, don’t tighten it so much that it doesn’t move at all or starts to feel uncomfortable. Try to find that perfect middle ground.

Easy-To-Style Watches For Men

If you’re looking for a few timepieces that are easy to style, versatile and perfect for every occasion, we’ve compiled a list for you!

Tufina Theorema Copacabana, gold watch for men with a stainless steel bracelet, sun and moon phase indicator and a mechanical movement.

Tufina Copacabana Theorema | GM-104-8 | Gold.

For a gorgeous classic watch, we recommend  Macau Theorema. An automatic dual-time watch with a full calendar function. Despite the use of four sub-dials, Macau showcases a clean and balanced dial. The use of elegant Roman numerals and thin Breguet hands makes for a truly classic look.

A versatile business watch would be  Damascus Theorema T3008-4 Black. Most business suits come in dark colors, that’s why we think this sharp automatic watch would be a perfect pic! Monochrome black looks, navy blues, grays and even all-white suits pair wonderfully with this midnight black timepiece. The dual-time, calendar features add to its functionality!

If you prefer warm tones, consider  Copacabana Theorema GM-104-8 Gold. This chic dual-time mechanical timepiece embodies all the staple qualities of a luxury business watch. Beautiful skeleton dial, dagger indices, photoluminescent hands and a nicely polished IPG 22 karat gold plated case.

When it comes to casual wear, the possibilities are endless. Check out  Newport Pionier  for a modern, urban look. There are multiple color options available! Alternatively, you can go for a more sophisticated skeleton timepiece such as  Casablanca  or  Lagos

Tufina Theorema Macau, German watch for men with a clean black dial, gold case, brown leather band and an open heart window

Tufina Macau Theorema | T3011-3 | Gold.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, wearing a watch involves attention to detail and a keen understanding of style etiquette. Beyond the aesthetic appeal of timepieces, following certain guidelines enhance the overall look and feel. Whether it's the choice of wrist, the pairing with clothing styles, color combinations, or materials, each aspect contributes to a polished appearance. Ultimately, the key is to find a balance between comfort and elegance. By incorporating these tips into your watch-wearing routine, you not only elevate your style but also make a lasting impression in any setting. If you're in search of timepieces that effortlessly blend with various occasions, our list of recommendations provides a helpful starting point for anyone!

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