How to take care of your mechanical watch?

How to take care of your mechanical watch?

Mechanical Tips

Tip 1: Wind Daily
If you have a manual mechanical watch that needs to be wound, you should do so daily. The watch will perform at its peak if it is fully wound, not if it is running low on energy.

Tip 2: Wind Consistently
It is also recommended to wind the watch at the same time every day for consistency.

Tip 3: Wind When It’s Off
If you do need to manually wind your mechanical watch, do so before putting it on your wrist. If you are wearing the watch as you try to turn the crown, you could end up putting unnecessary stress on the winding stem that will cause long-term damage.


Water Tips

Avoid water damage to your watch by following these rules of advice:

Tip 4: Avoid deep waters, if your watch is not water-resistant.
Tip 5: Pay attention to specific instructions by your manufacturer about how much water pressure your watch can handle, even if your watch is water-resistant.
Tip 6: Do not wear your watch in the pool, in addition chlorine can be damaging.
Tip 7: Do not shower with your watch. Not to mention that shampoo and soap can be harmful for the gears.

What to Avoid

To keep your watch running at its best, avoid these harmful environmental factors:

Tip 8: Stay clear of strong magnetic fields. You could magnetize your watch inadvertently and cause erratic gear behavior. The watch may also stop entirely! 
Tip 9: If you can avoid it, do not wear your watch in extreme temperatures. Moving between excessive hot and cold temperatures can cause the parts to expand or contract, which may cause damage to the whole unit. 
Tip 10: Just because a watch is “scratch-resistant” does not mean it is “scratch-proof.” Avoid harmful objects that can scratch your watch, as well as dirt and chemicals that can cause damage slowly over time. Avoiding dirt and chemicals will also prevent rusting.

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