How to protect your watch at the beach.

How to protect your watch at the beach.

With the arrival of sunny days along come the beach days. We understand that many watch lovers want to wear their masterpiece as a summer accessory to perfect their outfit. Ok so far, but often people forget to pay some extra attention to their gentleman watch when at the beach.

If you are wearing a Theorema or Pionier watch that means you are the proud owner of a mechanical gentleman watch. Every watch deserves it's proper attire. We do not wear a dive watch with a suit, just because James Bond did it that does not mean it makes sense. :-) It is understandable that a mechanical gentleman watch at a beach might not be your best accessory. Do not fear yet. If you want to wear it at the beach by all means, but please have these tips in mind.

Sand, the tiny enemy
Your biggest enemy at the beach will be sand. Some beaches have really fine sand. It sneaks everywhere and may not only damage the glass of the watch, but might sneak inside the mechanism grinding in between parts, even enter into the bezel.
Salt, the invisible enemy
We all know that salt can stain and degrade leather. If your leather strap is soaked in salt water afterwards the leather will harden. Salt will negatively impact your mechanism too if water enters inside the watch. 
Sun, the silent enemy
Just like us watches can't support hours long exposures to the sun. Many hours of exposure to the sun can make the inside of the watch reach high temperatures above 150 degrees. Heat increases the vibrations of the atoms in the metal resulting in parts of the mechanism expanding.

Finally, whether you are at the beach, on a sailing boat or on a cruise keep in mind that your watch is not waterproof. Indeed, our mechanical watches are 3 ATM, which makes them resistant to accidental contact with water including rain or splashes, but they are not equipped for swimming or scuba diving. It is therefore important to keep your mechanical watch away from water to ensure its proper functioning and prevent the leather bracelet from deteriorating with repeat contact with water.

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