Tufina Hawaii Pionier Germany, automatic dual-time watch for men with silver case, black dial and black leather band

How to Build a Watch Collection on a Budget

If you’ve just gotten into the world of watches, starting your own collection may seem daunting at first. With so many brands in the market and the majority of hefty price tags, being able to create a comprehensive watch assortment may seem tricky. The good news is that there are some simple guidelines that you can follow if you're trying to learn how to build a watch collection on a budget. By setting out clear goals and compiling a minimal list of must-have timepieces, you can begin creating your collection in no time, while saving some money! 

Tufina Dublin by Pionier Germany, automatic watch for men, gold watch for men with a full calendar function, four sub dials, skeletonized dial, open back and stainless steel bracelet

Tufina: automatic Dublin by Pionier Germany | GM-508-10 |

Where do you begin?

A beginner’s watch collection generally includes two to three timepieces and a watch case or stand to properly store them. But what should you look for when shopping for your first watches? First and foremost, you must choose a timepiece that feels comfortable on your wrist. There is not much point in collecting watches if you’re not gonna wear them, at least in the beginning of your watch collection journey. Later on, as you progress in collecting different kinds of watches, you may start to choose timepieces simply because of their unique style or fascinating design choices, type of movement etc. 

Secondly, you should make sure to pick a high-quality watch that will be worth the investment. There is no need to go for watches that cost thousands of dollars, however, make sure to pick timepieces made by reliable brands. Quality materials and careful craftsmanship go a long way. By opting for watches that are well-made, you will ultimately end up saving money as you won’t need to replace them in just a few years. 

Lastly, make sure to find a watch that resonates with your personal style. Collecting watches is a beautiful and meaningful passion. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You may find certain timepieces to be gorgeous, and others not. What’s important is that you stay true to your values, tastes and preferences. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your choices and enjoy the ride!

Top 3 watches every new collector needs

Every new watch collector should have at least one of these three types of watches: a casual, everyday watch; a dress watch; a modern watch.

Tufina San Francisco by Theorema Germany, skeleton see-through watch for men with stick indices and hands, black leather band and a mechanical movement
Tufina: skeleton see-through San Francisco by Theorema Germany | GM-116-1 |

Casual Watch

Every man should have a trusted go-to watch that he can put on without a second thought when going out of the house. Whether you are in a rush or carefully planning your outfit of the day, your “casual” watch is that one timepiece that easily compliments every look. Surely, this watch must be super comfortable, durable and very versatile. Our top pick for an ideal everyday watch would be San Francisco.

A  skeleton dial watch  with a design inspired by the famous San Francisco’s bridge, hence the name. The minimalist movement is finely engraved but also highly versatile, as it creates a sleek and clean see-through watch face that pairs easily with any outfit. The silver model is extremely easy to mix and match with different looks. Paired with a black leather band,  San Francisco  makes for a very comfy, casual watch.

Tufina Macau by Theorema Germany, white dial watch for men, brown leather band, gold case, open heart window, automatic movement

Tufina: automatic calendar Macau by Theorema Germany | T3011-11 |

Dress Watch

Your second main piece of your collection should be a dress watch. Every guy needs a fancy watch for special occasions. Your dress watch should be easily combined with tuxedos, shirts and dress suits. Typically, dress watches feature gold colored cases and elegant leather straps. Although there are many modern takes on the notion of a dress watch, we prefer to stick with its classic version. After all, class is truly timeless! 

For our top dress watch we’ve chosen  Macau. This dual-time  automatic watch  is one of our best sellers. Its fantastic sleek dial pairs well with all fancy outfits, while the brown crocodile pattern leather band adds a real touch of elegance. The iconic gold, white and brown color combo is beautifully executed in this timepiece, and for this reason, we believe Macau is a must-have dress watch for any who’s just starting out with their watch collection. And let’s not forget it’s quite affordable too! If you’re willing to spend a bit more,  Chicago  shares a similar aesthetic, with an additional 10 diamond adornment and a sun & moon phase compilation.

Tufina Hawaii by Pionier Germany, automatic dual-time watch for men with black dial, black leather band, silver bezel

Tufina: automatic dual-time Hawaii by Pionier Germany | GM-514-1 |

Modern Watch

Last but not least, you should own a modern styled watch. This timepiece is meant for those wild nights out when you’re feeling especially stylish. Going out to the club? Getting some late evening drinks at a pub? Taking a special someone on a live music date? In all cases, your outfit cannot be complete without a trendy watch. We recommend  Hawaii  - a bold dual-time watch with a large face and chunky bezel. 

The automatic movement has got your back, as you don’t need to worry about changing any batteries. The sun and moon phase compilation pairs well with the rest of the sub dials, creating an attention-grabbing watch face. White and bold Arabic numerals on the bezel are paired with large golden Roman numerals on the dial. All of these daring design choices combine to create an especially stylish masterpiece.

Final Notes

With the above guidelines and examples in mind, you can start building your own watch collection. Remember, not every collection needs a titanium watch or a diving beast. Pick what you find visually pleasing, while prioritizing utility and quality. There are plenty of high-end timepieces that come at some of the most affordable prices in the market. Moreover, remember to keep an eye out for sales and discounts. Holidays, changes in seasons and brand anniversaries usually bring forth amazing sales! Benefit from these opportunities and you can snag yourself some pretty valuable timepieces at a fraction of the price! Little by little, your collection will grow and so will your passion, knowledge and understanding of watches.

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