Here’s Why You Should Buy a Skeleton Watch

Here’s Why You Should Buy a Skeleton Watch

Everything You Wanted to Know about Skeleton Watches

Watches don’t just tell time; they reflect your personality and style. Different styles attract different people, but one particularly interesting design is a skeleton watch. Anyone who is fascinated by the complicated engineering that makes a watch tick is sure to love skeleton watches. If you are planning to add one to your collection, here’s what you should know before buying one:

What are Skeleton Watches?

Skeleton watches were first created around 1760 by the Frenchman Andre Charles Caron. He wanted to see what a watch would look like when stripped to the bare bones, and he created a timepiece that gives a clear view of the mechanisms inside. In modern times, skeleton watches are also known as openwork watches or bare bone watches.

Why do People Love Skeleton Watches?

While they may have been invented 200 years ago, the style didn’t really take off until a few decades ago when luxury watchmakers attempted to help watch connoisseurs appreciate the intricate details and the inner workings that make their watches special. Today, they’re considered high-end watches and are sought after by collectors.

These watches aren’t just about keeping time; they’re cool and can be an interesting talking point. This is why they often sell for hundreds of dollars even in a time where dozens of multi-functional devices are far more effective at telling time!

Are All Skeleton Watches the Same?

Faking a skeleton watch is difficult because the mechanisms are on display, but some brands mass produce cheap skeleton watches. These are often easy to spot because they look cheap, and the movement is simple and poorly designed. High-quality skeleton watches have many layers to them. They are often hand-assembled and beautifully showcase the effort it took to make the timepiece. You can see the complicated movement and admire the engineering. If it’s a Pionier or Theorema, you have the assurance of high-quality that only German watches can offer!

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