Famous people wearing Tufina Watches

Famous people wearing Tufina Watches

First, I want to start by saying:
It is not famous people that make Tufina a success. It is you, the humble, hard-working, gentleman at heart, that make our family's success a reality. For that, we thank you with open arms. 

Second, this blog about famous people:
it is done only for the purpose to make our company more appealing to others that are still getting to know us. They need some reassurance about our company since they are new to our family. 

Let's start...

CISSE DJIBRIL is a world-class A+ footballer. He has played for his National Team France and many top European teams. With Liverpool FC he won the Champions League. A true champ deserves a master watch. Featuring the Made in Germany New York Pionier. Click photo to learn more about the watch.

KLEDI KADIUis a master class professional dancer. In Albania and Italy, everyone loves and adores him. We are proud to have him part of our family. Kledi is the epitome of awesomeness and that with hard work and dedication anything can be achieved. He is featuring his Made in Germany Acapulco Pionier. Click photo to learn more about the watch. 

If you want to follow Kledi click on the photo below.

Keynote Speaker,DR. GREG S. REID is a master storyteller, who will make you see what’s possible. I have read two of his National Best Selling books and have been beyond inspired, motivated, and moved. Right after finishing his second book “Three Feet from Gold,” I succeeded to finish a big project that I had been dragging. He has been published in over 50 books and 28 of these are best sellers. I am proud to say that have had the pleasure to know how genuine, humble, and a great father he is. At Tufina we are super excited that he wears one of our watches.  The Made in Germany New York Pionier watch was designed for success. Click photo to find out more about his timepiece.

I have known MOHAMMADfor awhile now through Instagram. He had bought a few of our watches and kept tagging us. He runs the account @thepilotworld and shares with the world his amazing travels. A young vibrant gentleman who loves to fly his plane. I have lost count of the languages he speaks. His passion to become a pilot was so great that with determination and sacrifices not only did he make it possible but has become so skillful at it. Mohammed owns 3 of our watches. Featured in these photos is the Made in Germany 🇩🇪 Florida Diamonds Pionier. Click photo to find out more about his watch.

Opera singer, tenor, RAME LAHAJ 
was born and raised in Istog, Kosovo in a non-musical family. His hometown did not even have a single school of music. With great dedication, love, and efforts to reach his big dream, he is now among those who have thrived in the international operatic arena. The year of 2016 brought Lahaj the most sought after title. In the world’s largest operatic contest ‘Placido Domingo‘s ”Operalia”, which was held in Mexico, Lahaj was awarded the same title of a lyric singer. This price makes Lahaj a worldwide recognized tenor of great class. Click photo to find out more about his wristwatch.

If you want to follow Rame click on the photo below.

MATHIEU AVENTis a cross skiing athlete representing the UK. Matt has been on skis since the age of 3. He made it to the podium in the Sweden competition for 2018. He is training for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. He will have all of his Tufina family supporting him. 

SÉBASTIEN DUPUIShas delighted audiences across the world, with critics praising his subtlety, delicacy, and power. His salon concerts in Zurich have become a staple of the city's cultural life. After a sell-out tour of China in 2016, he made his debut this year at Zurich's Tonhalle, receiving a standing ovation for a program of Liszt, Beethoven, and Mozart. He has taken to stages in many of Europe's capital cities, performing in London, Edinburgh, Bruxelles, Porto, Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris. Sebastien's latest recording of Liszt etudes was described by Pizzicato magazine as "outstanding" and reminiscent of the great György Cziffra. Click photo to learn about his watch.

Watch him play here:PIANO VIDEO


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