Tufina Zurich Tourbillon Black tourbillon watch for men, mechanical tourbillon with a GMT function, skeleton dial, leaf hands and a black leather band

Everything You Should Know About Super-LumiNova Hands

Light-emitting watches have long been in style. The majority of individuals who are not familiar with watch jargon consider the luminous hands to be merely a decorative feature. Of course, everyone enjoys the increased utility and alluring aesthetic appeal that the glow creates. Most people are unaware, nevertheless, that bright features were formerly seen to be the pinnacle of watchmaking innovation. Over time, this innovation turned into a necessary component of the majority of fine watches. Continue reading to find out more about how luminous timepieces - in particular  Super-LumiNova  watches - work!

Tufina Theorema Zurich Tourbillon watch for men, black tourbillon with a skeleton gold dial, open heart window, sun and moon phase complication, gold Roman numerals and black leather band

Tufina Theorema Zurich Tourbillon GM-901-5 Black.

History of lume watches

The first timepieces with lights appeared in the early 1900s. Because soldiers in the First World War required watches that were easily readable in the dark, these timepieces were in high demand. Because of this, watchmakers at the time had to devise a technique for producing bright hands and numerals. Radium and zinc, which are today recognized as extremely hazardous radioactive substances and are never utilized in jewelry or watches, combined to produce the light. 

Its dangerous profile was only identified back then when watch manufacturing workers started experiencing adverse effects, which tragically sometimes resulted in fatalities. Despite these difficulties, the producers substituted tritium, another radioactive substance, for this one. It was a hazardous material even though it wasn't as bad as radium and zinc sulfide. Manufacturers didn't discover safer substitutes like electroluminescence and photoluminescence until the 1990s.

History of Super-LumiNova

These days, the majority of watch brands outsource the supply of luminous pigments for their watches to illumination firms. The majority of well-known luxury watch producers select Super-LumiNova. The renowned Swiss Super-LumiNova is already well-known to many of us, yet its innovation originated in Japan. Owner of a bright painting company Kenzo Nemoto supplied his painting services to the Japanese troops during the Second World War. 

He began covering watches and clocks with his bright materials after the war broke out. This resulted in the founding of Nemoto & Co. They developed phosphorescence, a novel pigment technique, during many years of research. After that, the business rebranded itself as LumiNova. This technology was patented by Nemoto & Cp, who also granted licenses to other manufacturers so they could manufacture and market LumiNova. As a result, the Swiss business RC Tritec AG was granted permission to manufacture this product under the well-known brand name Super-LumiNova.

What should you know about Super-LumiNova?

Super-LumiNova is devoid of any hazardous or radioactive materials, in contrast to earlier iterations of luminous agents. This ensures a totally safe experience for the customers as well as a safe manufacturing process for the employees. Swiss components are used to create Super-LumiNova. It is among the best lighting parts since it is very resistant to inclement weather and satisfies all requirements set forth by the European Chemicals Agency. Watch manufacturers can select from a variety of hues and quality when purchasing Super-LumiNova in powder form. This makes a wider variety of design possibilities possible.

Where can Super-LumiNova be used?

Super-LumiNova coatings can be applied to a variety of watch parts, including as the bezel, hands, dial, and markings. Lumen's main function is to provide nighttime time telling for its wearer. When applying Super-LumiNova, pad printing is the method most manufacturers choose. They may decide to use hand painting to apply this substance in specific circumstances. Additionally, by using this light material to create original designs and color compositions, one can add aesthetic diversity. 

How does Super-LumiNova work?

The simplest way to understand the technology of Super-LumiNova pigments is to compare it to a light-charged storage battery. When the luminous substance is exposed to light, either artificial or natural, it becomes activated and begins to emit light. This phenomenon, called photoluminescence, is primarily caused by the interaction of an electron and a photon. Moreover, Super-LumiNova contains strontium aluminate, a material that glows brightly when charged. In particular, Super-LumiNova is activated by phosphorescence, a type of photoluminescence that makes use of very potent phosphors, in this instance strontium aluminate. 

Eight primary afterglow hues are offered by Super-LumiNova: ultramarine, green, violet, white, yellow, orange, and pink. Before Super-LumiNova was released, blue and green were the most prevalent emission colors on most luminous clocks due to factors including eye sensitivity. The introduction of this breakthrough was significant for the watch industry since it created many new opportunities, especially in the area of thoughtful design. Moreover, RC Tritec can create exclusive pigments, which is advantageous for those who want to replicate or mimic specific colors they have in mind for their timepieces. 

Best Super-LumiNova Watches |Zurich Tourbillon Theorema 

Now, you may be wondering, what watches currently on the market use these brilliant Super-LumiNova pigments? Maybe we've captured your attention to the point that you want to get a Super-LumiNova watch for yourself but are unsure what to choose? That’s why we've put together a list of our top Super-LumiNova models available at the moment.

A stylish limited edition tourbillon watch,  Zurich Tourbillon  represents one of the most unique and modern designs in our collections. An intricate dual-time movement dial is stored inside an ion plated square case, which is polished to perfection, guaranteeing a superb shine. The skeleton dial is one of the most fascinating elements of this timepiece. Roman and stick numerals are paired with skeleton double-colored Super-LumiNova hands. The high-end cow leather band is secured with a deployment buckle. You can choose among four models:

Zurich Tourbillon GM-901-5 black tourbillon watch for men with a mechanical movement, GMT function, open heart window and a sun and moon phase indicator

Zurich Tourbillon GM-901-5 

A golden skeleton dial is paired with a black case and leather band. A truly timeless color combination!

Zurich Tourbillon GM-901-1 black GMT tourbillon watch for men with a mechanical movement, silver case, skeleton dial, and black leather band

Zurich Tourbillon GM-901-1 

This model is ideal for those who prefer to match their accessories with their cold toned complexion. The silver case matches the dial, while the black leather band adds to the watch’s sleek aesthetic.

Zurich Tourbillon GM-901-2 tourbillon watch for men, mechanical tourbillon with a GMT function, gold case, skeleton dial, brown leather band

Zurich Tourbillon GM-901-2 

The ion plated gold 22 karat case complements the golden skeleton dial. The brown leather band adds a more classic touch.

Zurich Tourbillon GM-901-3 mechanical tourbillon watch for men, GMT tourbillon with a gold case, skeleton dial, brown leather band and sun and moon phase indicator

Zurich Tourbillon GM-901-3

This version features a golden case and a skeleton dial, which differently from the previous model, is accentuated with more deep blue details. 

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