Everything to Know about Skeleton Watches

Everything to  Know about Skeleton Watches

Why Do Men Treasure Their Skeleton Watches?

Many men love and treasure their watches. While some focus more on the looks, others concentrate on the mechanism and working principles. Many watches give you the appeal of both: an attractive design and technical precision. However, have you ever tried to see what lies beneath the dial? Are you interested in a watch that shows off its inner mechanisms? If that sounds like a watch you’d like to have in your collection, skeleton watches are a perfect choice!


What Are Skeleton Watches? 
Skeletonized timepieces showcase the intricate craftsmanship that goes behind the clockwork of mechanical watches. These models allow you to see the movement underneath directly. However, designing a skeleton watch demands extreme expertise and precision. Watchmakers need to strip down the movement to its bare essentials and still ensure that the timepiece gives accurate time. Overall, it is a pure example of mastery in watchmaking.


The History of Skeleton Watches 
You can trace the history of skeleton watches back to 1760 when André Charles Caron removed the dial on his pocket watch so customers could see his brilliant clockwork. Although the trend didn’t catch on during his time, his discovery also led to the ability to make the mechanical watches less chunky by removing some non-essential elements. In 1934, Audemars Piguet invented his own version of the skeleton watch, by translating Caron’s mechanism into thinner wristwatches.


Skeleton Watches Today
Many watch brands manufacture attractive, premium-quality skeleton watches, but one brand that has given skeleton models a unique identity of their own is Tufina Watches. This German company was established in 1828, and today it incorporates tradition and modernity into all of its mechanical timepieces. The line of Theorema watches, in particular, gives you the lightest yet most robust and precise timepieces.


The Gentleman’s Timepiece
Skeleton watches are a style statement. By showing off the gears, bridges, and wheels, this gentleman’s timepiece can reflect the wearer’s inner character. Edgy and luxurious, skeletonized models feature a mainspring, which can run up to 40 hours after being wound once. Also, since they don’t use batteries, they are environmentally friendly.

Skeleton watches are the perfect accessory for professional looks, business attire, and formal and informal occasions. These mechanical watches have multiple features, sizes, shapes, metallic constructions, colors, and strap designs. Do your research, and you will easily find a style that suits your needs.



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