I am obsessed with my Tufina watch. (Customer Review)

I am obsessed with my Tufina watch. (Customer Review)

Let me start by saying... WOW! 

I have just received my Made in Germany Copacabana Theorema.
From the moment I ordered my watch and until I had it on my wrist it took only 4 days. Mind you, I do live in Australia, and the watch was shipped from Germany with FedEx Priority. Normally to Australia packages from EU or USA take more than 10 days to get delivered. Not with Tufina, fastest delivery ever. Smooth purchasing process too. 

Why am I obsessed with my Copacabana Theorema?

• The construction of this watch is simply mind-blowing. When I look at the mechanism with its tens of gears and hundreds of parts I am completely lost on it. Not only by the beauty of the face of the watch as well by the engineering behind it all. You can see that the latest technology was used on this timepiece.
• I have been wearing it at work. All my male colleagues have complimented me on it. In one week that I have been wearing my Tufina watch, I got so many compliments that none of my other watches have gotten in years. Absolutely a great feeling when something I purchased with my hard earned money gets noticed by people that do matter to me. 
• When on my wrist this watch gives me a sense of luxury. Not only I look at it and see quality, but I feel that I am wearing a luxurious accessory. It makes me feel accomplished that I am wearing something so genuine and astonishing. I already have my eye on the second piece from Tufina website.
• This is by far one of my most intelligent purchases in a long time. The watch is worth the money. The value of this watch will increase in time because I do know Theorema Germany does not mass produce. Mechanical watches if taken care will last forever.

Thank you Tufina for selling such a great watch and for providing superb service.
By Duc Nguyen,Bankstown - Australia.

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  • Marsela Belaj

    You can tell someones style from the watch they are wearing. When in doubt for the perfect gift i always choose Tufina. For an elegant, luxury and timeless design.


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