Crème de la crème is back in stock!

Crème de la crème is back in stock!

More than 10 years a best seller for Theorema. The absolute watch of the German powerhouse. Latest production release: June 2018. Tufina is very proud to have back in stock this superb timepiece. Let us give you a tour of this marvel. 

The Made in Germany Casablanca Theorema is a mechanical winding see-through skeleton powered by the in-house TH2908 mechanism in a stainless steel case. The first thing that strikes about this watch is the art deco design inspired by the architecture of the famous city ofCasablanca. The art deco concept is to be colorful and with very delineated shapes. Such is the case of this masterpiece.

"The dial is a crucial part when developing a watch, it completes the watch's identity." - Philippe Leopold-Metzger, the chief of Piaget.Such truthfulness in this statement. Back in 2004 Theorema was craving for a watch that it would withhold time & changes. A true pillar to the company. The warm feeling of the face; yet, the crisp trendy look are a good fuse for a modern traditional timepiece. The best mechanical hand winding watch in our store. 

The alpha hands used on this timepiece are a statement of a true men's accessory. The roman and stick numeral intermix add to the art deco notion. The right size firm crown with easy grasp will make winding this watch an experience on its own. The arched clasp over the crown gives thisCasablancamodel an extra touch of identity. But the best is yet to come, the display of the power reserve spring. Showcasing the mechanism in such a skeleton fashion is a daring impression that Theorema wants.You have to look at this watch once to never forget it.Such a colorful variance is revealed by the sub-dial because this watch is not afraid to parade every single stunning detail. With the two inner circles gently grasping the sub-dial in a compass alike hand will give a tender reminder that is time to travel the world.

 *Casablanca has completely sold out many times before. Please take advantage while in stock! Theorema hand-assembles all watches, thus we cannot know for sure when inventory will be available again. 


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