Can I shower in my mechanical watch?

Can I shower in my mechanical watch?

As much as some of us love our watches, there are times that we must let them seat for a breather, especially if you own a mechanical timepiece. This is a topic that lots of people have at heart, but must have a better understanding. First and foremost, watch lovers need to understand the simple fact that no watch is really waterproof. Below are some reasons why we at Tufina advise against taking a shower with your wristwatch.

All our mechanical watches are water resistant 3 ATM
This means that the watch is suitable for an everyday use. It is ok to resist splashes, rain sprinkles, or washing your hands. Water resistant does not mean waterproof. The 3 ATM does not mean that you can dive with it 30 meters deep. It simply means that it withholds water pressure comparable to a depth of 30 meters. With this in mind is understandable that taking a shower with it on is definitely not a good option for your mechanical watch.

The constant contact with water will penetrate inside the watch since the water hits the watch in many different angles. The hot and cold temperatures of water can damage your watch. The hot air inside the bathroom or the dense humidity will create hot air inside your watch. Once you get out of the shower or to normal room temperatures that will create pockets of moisture inside your watch. This is known as condensation.   

A person uses on average 17.2 gallons (65.1 liters) of water when showering. Can you imagine that much water hitting your gentleman mechanical watch? This presents many challenges for these kind of timepieces, and that is why at Tufina we recommend against taking a shower with your beautiful mechanical masterpiece. On top of everything else, the water will be damaging your leather band. This is simply to much moisture exposure for your leather. Another difficulty with this scenario is the use of shampoos, conditioners etc that will further damage your leather band in the long run. 

The answer to the question is simple as no. You can't take a shower in your mechanical 3 ATM watch. 

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