Buy an eco friendly watch!

Buy an eco friendly watch!

Here at Tufina we invite you to buy yourself an eco friendly watch. But, are our watches eco friendly? Watches are very complex. They use different materials. Thus, it helps taking into consideration few factors.

Our mechanical and automatic watches do not use batteries.This is a big win towards the environment. Disposal of batteries lack the general knowledge. The worst thing to do is through them in the garbage. But why is this bad? Batteries are full of chemicals and when the disposal of them is done so randomly their leakage ends up in the soil and water at the end contaminating what we eat and drink. Thus, our watches not having batteries is one less headache for you and a plus to the ecosystem. 

Leather bands are naturally created.We understand that growing cattle and manufacturing leather has it's own footprint, but at the end the leather used in all Theorema and Pionier bands is from not endangered animals. The leather used is from cow, and the animals are not killed for the sole purpose of making the bands rather than a much later factor. Another reason cow leather is preferred it's becauseleather is biodegradable, something that vegan leather fails to do. 

Stainless steel cases have longer longevity. Because this material has such a long life spam, there is no need to exchange it. It will last in different temperatures and environments. The consumer gets to consume less, therefore in the long run putting less into the ecosystem. According to the British Stainless Steel Association"stainless steel is theoretically 100% recyclable."Most of stainless steel in usage today is made of 60% recycled content. 

We understand that the watch industry has still a long road ahead. There is still lots of room for improvement, but our brands try to stay in path with the times and production rules. 


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