Best Watch Gift Guide 2023: 25 Present Ideas For Watch Enthusiasts

Best Watch Gift Guide 2023: 25 Present Ideas For Watch Enthusiasts

Everyone knows that luxury watches make wonderful presents. For this reason, we've put together a practical gift guide to help you in your hunt for the ideal timepiece to give this year. This guide includes a range of our  most renowned watches  as well as some lesser-known gems that proudly showcase special designs. We've included a bit of something for everyone, so you can find the perfect watch that your timepiece-loving family and friends will appreciate.

Men’s Watches As Gifts

Barcelona | Pionier | GM-516-2 | Silver

Barcelona from the Pionier Germany collection is one of the most affordable high-end watches in the market. This automatic timepiece features a date compilation and gorgeous Roman numerals. Its 20 rubies movement delivers an outstanding performance. Showcasing a stunning open back design,  Barcelona  would make the perfect gift for any watch admirer.

Barcelona from the Pionier Germany collection.

Geneva Tourbillon | Pionier | GM-902-2 | Silver

If your loved one prefers tourbillons,  Made in Germany Geneva Tourbillon  will immediately win them over. Powered by an in-house co-axial automatic movement with 12 diamonds, this timepiece guarantees amazing precision. Featuring a limited edition sun and moon phase compilation, this open front & back tourbillon is designed to attract attention. Paired with a genuine leather band, Geneva Pionier is perfect for the classic gentleman. 

Made in Germany Geneva Tourbillon.

Lagos | Theorema | GM-113-1 | Silver

An extravagant timepiece for the extravagant gentleman.  Lagos  from the Theorema collection is both elegant and bold. Its open front and back design is brilliantly paired with a fish skin pattern band made from genuine leather. Featuring luminous hands this timepiece is as practical as it is gorgeous. Powered by an in-house mechanical movement with 17 rubies, this wristwatch delivers incredible value for the price tag.

Lagos from the Theorema collection.

St. Petersburg | Theorema | GM-121-4 | Gold

With its unique square case,  St. Petersburg  combines modern elements with a classic aesthetic. Powered by an in-house automatic movement with 20 rubies, this timepiece is built with an incabloc-type shock protection system. Both highly durable and visually appealing, the see-through St. Petersburg would make the perfect present for anyone. At a low price tag, you will receive amazing craftsmanship and technical prowess.

St. Oetersburg luxury gold automatic watch handmade in Germany from Tufina Watches.

Toronto | Theorema | GM-106-6 | Black

If you’re looking for a chic timepiece,  Toronto  comes through with a sophisticated design. Paired with luminous hands, the open front and back composition is extremely elegant. Powered by an in-house mechanical movement with 17 rubies, Toronto is one of the most robust wristwatches in the market. Matched with a genuine cow leather band with a fish skin pattern, this timepiece is made for the trendy watch lover.

Toronto Luxury Watch luminous with open front and back from Theorema collection.

Oman | Theorema | GM-108-6 | Rose

If you want to purchase a high-end watch for your special person,  Oman  is an option that will deliver excellence without breaking the bank. With a genuine price tag, this top-tier timepiece competes with every other watch in the luxury market. Handcrafted with an in-house mechanical movement with 17 rubies jewels, Oman Theorema is both stylish and accurate. Made to represent the wonders of mechanical timepieces, this watch succeeds in every regard.

Oman Theorema stylish luxury watch made in Germany.

Casablanca | Theorema | GM-101-3 | Gold

Looking for an eye-catching watch? Then, Casablanca is made for you. What better to give to your loved one than this attractive timepiece with gold details? Featuring an open front and back design, this gorgeous mechanical wristwatch is built to make a statement. At only $349 you will get a durable handcrafted watch that displays a mesmerizing composition. For those that prefer bold accessories,  Casablanca  is the ideal accessory. 

Venezia | Theorema | GM-118-6 | Silver

For fans of skeleton watches, our Theorema collection represents  Venezia  - a gorgeous timepiece with fascinating details. Designed with a full skeleton composition, this wristwatch creates an astonishing visual appeal. Powered by an in-house mechanical movement with 17 rubies jewels, accuracy and precision are guaranteed. A meticulously engraved dial completes the whole look.

Venezia Theorema silver luxury watch made in Germany.

Newport Dual-Time | Pionier | P7003-8 | Silver

A recent release from Tufina,  Newport Dual-Time  couldn’t be missed from our 2023 gift guide. This modern wristwatch showcases a contemporary urban style. With a 12 screw top ring and baton index markers, this watch creates a bold, almost futuristic aesthetic. The multi-tone dial is made to stand out, while the 5ATM water resistance adds glamor. The ideal gift for the watch lover who demands something different. 

Newport Dual-Time modern wristwatch urban style luxury watch.

Women’s Watches As Gifts

Lady Butterfly | Theorema | GM-120-2 | Gold

If you need help picking a gift for your special lady, consider getting a mechanical watch. These beautiful timepieces aren’t talked about enough, but they deliver amazing stylistic and sentimental values for the women who wear them.  Lady Butterfly  was designed to bring such special elements to the women’s market.  Made with an in-house mechanical movement with 20 rubies, this wristwatch embodies quality precision. Adorned with 11 Swarovski diamonds, Lady Butterfly creates a confident and yet feminine aesthetic. For a very reasonable price, you’ll get a meaningful and durable present that will last her for years to come.

Lady Butterfly luxury mechanical watch for women.

Madame Butterfly | Theorema | GM-123-8 | Gold

Diamonds are a girl’s best friends. What else could be said about this stunning 82 Swarovski diamond timepiece.  Madame Butterfly  makes the perfect gift for the ladies who prefer dressing in luxury. Designed with a butterfly themed dial and open back composition, this wristwatch brings something unique to the table. You can’t go wrong with this watch that can easily compliment any look!

Madame Butterfly luxury gold watch for women elegant diamond timepiece.

Watches for Him and Her

His & Hers - San Francisco & Lady Butterfly | GM-116-3 & GM-120-2

Two impeccable mechanical watches for the lovely couples out there. Matching gifts come from the heart. They show that you want to share something special with the person you love. If you’re looking for a couples bundle, consider San Francisco & Lady Butterfly. The brown leather band of San Francisco pairs beautifully with the cream colored strap of Lady Butterfly. Featuring in-house mechanical movements and limited edition designs, these watches make a heartfelt present for any occasion.

San Francisco & Lady Butterfly luxury watches combo mechanical movement limited edition.

Venezia & Lady Butterfly | Theorema | GM-118-4 & GM-120- 3

A match made in heaven. No words could better describe this gorgeous set of watches. Each of these wristwatches come with a blue leather band with a fish skin pattern. Designed to stand out from the crowd, these mechanical timepieces ooze elegance. Venezia’s skeleton composition  compliments Lady Butterfly’s Swarovski diamond aesthetic. Elegant and unforgettable, any watch loving couple would appreciate receiving such a gorgeous present.

Venezia Tufina Watch couple comobo skeleton gold watches for husband and wife.

Books for Watch Lovers

Watches: A Guide by Hodinkee

This comprehensive book, containing 261 pages, provides an in-depth exploration of the history of some of the most prominent watchmakers in the world. It is illustrated with glossy images of divers watches, chronographs, perpetual calendars and the famous people who have worn them. Written by some of the most knowledgeable authors in the industry,  Hodinkee's book  is ideal for any enthusiast, from the novice to the passionate collector who wishes to discover the significance of watches in the present day. It is a must-have for any bookshelves to round out one's horological library, and the publishers' name alone will be enough to impress any collector.

A Guide by Hodinkee Watch Book for Watch Lovers.

Retro Watches: The Modern Collectors' Guide

Mitch Greenblatt, an author and collector of offbeat watches from the 1960s, has put together a collection of more than 100 watches from his own collection.  This book  brings together the intriguing and often unexpected aspects of vintage watches into focus, offering a glimpse into the mindset of the past. If vintage, funky and retro-futuristic designs appeal to you, then this book is sure to be a treat that won't break the bank.

Retro Watches: The Modern Collectors' Guide for watches. Watch lover books to read ideas.

The Magic of Watches: A Smart Introduction to Fine Watchmaking

Louis Nardin has collected all the queries regarding watches in four different parts: purchasing a watch, taking care of a watch, discovering the most remarkable horological achievements, and comprehending the construction of a watch.  This publication  uncovers every detail of watches, from the most essential to the most complicated. Whether you are looking for a quick revision or wanting to explore a certain aspect of your watch in more detail, you will find it all here. Get ready to become an expert in horology - there is also a section to jot down notes at the back of the book.

The mag of watches book. Watch lover book idea to read.

Wristwatches: The Models That Made an Age

It is difficult to visualize reality without wristwatches. Surprisingly, the  wristwatch  is a recent invention in the world of horology. Primarily due to the practical needs of World War I, the wristwatch became a necessity in the twentieth century and its appeal has only kept increasing. In this book, you will find a more detailed account of how the wristwatch came about. After documenting its history, De Vecchi and Uglietti explore the evolution of the wristwatch from 55 leading brands. At the conclusion of the book, there is a concise glossary of watch related terms.

The Models That Made an Age, amazing book to read by people who love watches.

Gift ideas for watch lovers

Wolf Axis Triple Watch Winder

It is yet to be determined whether the wear on a movement from being constantly running is less damaging than the motion being left idle, but as a guideline, it is beneficial to have a winder for automatic watches that are not worn frequently. Wolf is a well-known brand in the watch winder industry, and their products are high-quality and come in attractive display cases. ($1,719 USD)

Best gift idea for watch lover. Wolf Axis Triple Watch Winder.

Döttling Legends Antique Safe

There are plenty of producers of exquisite watch safes, yet Döttling stands out when it comes to their Legends series — a range of vintage bank safes that can be repurposed for storing watches, humidors, or any other thing your heart desires. These eye-catching pieces are completely customizable, so as long as your budget can manage it, anything goes. 

Döttling Legends Antique Safe Watch safe gift idea for watch lovers.

Watch Art by Julie Kraulis

Julie Kraulis has become an acclaimed artist in the watchmaking community for her impressive graphite drawings of renowned timepieces. People can commission her for an original artwork or buy a copy of her already completed pieces. For festive seasons, her prints are usually available with a discount which makes them a great budget-friendly gift.

Watch Art by Julie Kraulis affordable watch lover gift idea.

Watch Repair Kit

If you are not an expert, it is not recommended to perform DIY repairs or even open up a delicate watch. However, if you still wish to try, these tools will provide you with a great beginner’s set. You can find kits at different price ranges and they will include everything you may need to safely tinker with a timepiece.

Gift Watch Repair Kit best gift for watch lover.

Watch Roll for Traveling

Watch rolls are a must-have accessory for anyone who enjoys wearing watches. These rolls are essential for keeping watches safe while traveling, and also serve as a nice method of storing additional watches when at home. With a vast selection of styles and prices, watch rolls can make for an ideal present for any watch enthusiast who doesn't already have one.

Watch Roll for Traveling.

A Wall Mounted Watch Display Case

If the person you're shopping for has an extensive watch collection, this wall-mounted watch holder is a great choice. This display case can hold up to 30 timepieces and keeps them secure, organized and out of the way. You can hang it on the wall or, if space is limited, use the included base piece to set it on a table or shelf.

A Wall Mounted Watch Display Case.

A Watch Stand for Their Nightstand or Desk

If you're shopping for a gift for somebody who enjoys wearing watches, then a watch stand is an excellent choice. Even if they possess one kept on their bedside table, they may appreciate having an extra one for their office or even in the restroom, so their timepiece will have a secure spot when they bathe.

A Watch Stand for Their Nightstand or Desk

Watch cufflinks with movement

To conclude, we have come up with something a bit more distinctive that should be used sparingly but can make a real statement when worn in the correct context. We are referring to cufflinks, but not just any cufflinks. Instead of featuring a stone or cabochon, these cufflinks display an authentic watch movement.

Watch cufflinks with movement.

Final notes

We trust that this compilation of presents for watch lovers has been inspiring! As you can tell, there are a lot of present ideas for watch owners and aficionados that make lovely and well-thought gifts. Even if you couldn’t find a specific pick on this list that you think will work for your loved ones, we hope we’ve inspired you to come up with other possibilities. 

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