Amsterdam - Made in Germany Automatic Watch by Pionier

Amsterdam - Made in Germany Automatic Watch by Pionier

The wonderful city of Amsterdam was very much deserving of a beautiful wristwatch. The city that was once called home by artists such as Van Gogh and Rembrandt. The city of the famous Ajax team where one of the football legends Johan Cruyff once reigned over. Amsterdam, "the Venice of the North," with its amazing 165 canals and many more attractions were the inspiration for this astonishing automatic 35 jewels watch Made in Germany by Pionier. 

This watch first came out in March 2018 from the German powerhouse Pionier. From an engineering standpoint, there is a great deal of elegance showcased with this watch. The first thing noticeable is the refined design. A full calendar feature displayed harmoniously on the face of the watch. There is beauty in the simplicity of the face of this watch. The top ring carbon case is part of the design. Remember the 165 canals of Amsterdam? This is what these carbon fibers on the watch represent. 

The revolutionary crown with its spreading wings. In order to set up the calendar, you push the wings. To set up the time you push open the clasp of the crown. Pionier wants you to look at this watch and see the luxury. Pionier wants you to fall in love with the strong German design. The Amsterdam it's a clean powerful watch with a semi-industrial sport and semi-classical feel and looks. The front is all about the looks and flip to see the back is all about the traditional watchmaking. This is a big modern European watch. The large concept of this watch is in fact for people that like a sturdy masculine wristwatch.

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