A watch will never go out of style

A watch will never go out of style

A lot of magazines say that a man buys a watch because it is convenient. Yes, that is true, but lots of other factors contribute to why men still buy wristwatches. A good build and a classically designed watch will spike a man's style. A strong watch will make a man feel confident.

But, why will watches never go out of style?

A wristwatch is considered by many as an easy jewelry ready to go for men. The style and design of the watch are supposed to showcase your personality. If you pick an elegant classical mechanical watch that means that you are trying to present yourself as a gentleman of fine taste. Watches talk personality and that is a fact. Since men tend to not wear as much on their hands as women than wristwatches become an important wardrobe item in a man's life. 

You have an important date, yes please wear a watch to impress. You will want to wear a watch so in the middle of the date you do not pull out your phone and send the wrong message across. In this sense, a watch is super convenient. As an urban legend says "boys look at smartphones to check time, but men look at their watches." 

Watches create a sense of connection. One of the watches in my possession was gifted to me by my grandfather. Needless to say, I wear it only on special occasions since it is a 1942 Eberhard, but the connection I have with this watch is unreal. I can't help but wonder how many things since then has this watch seen. Every time I get it between my hands and start winding it my grandfather comes to mind when he used to do the same thing. It is a warm feeling that brings him to life by the simple fact of winding a watch. That is why our store offers mechanical watches, for this same reason, so when you wind it you can build a relationship with the watch or think of that someone who gifted you this wonderful timepiece. In time you can gift it to someone special. Meanwhile, the craftsmanship displayed on these watches never gets old. Each time you look at it there is something new to be discovered. 

Wearing a watch is a sign of maturity. It is for this reason that here at Tufina we never get buyers younger than 23-24. The time matches that of when someone starts to create a sense of a stable personality. The person knows what he likes and does not like out of life. Thus, a wristwatch just completes that picture. Time becomes more valuable and realization of it prompts people to start dealing with it. It is around this time that you start developing a sense of wanting to look serious and smart. A mechanical watch surely does the job. For older men, a timepiece is keeping and growing your roots. They look for a watch with more quality and a story to tell. 

How many smartphones have you thrown away since their invention? Countless! How many mechanical watches have you thrown away? Zero! This is how you know that watches will never go out of style. That is why here at Tufina we have been talking, doing, loving, fixating on watches since 1828. 

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