A watch made for a king... automatic Kingston!

A watch made for a king... automatic Kingston!

A lifestyle design. A well-balanced construction. This is an evolution timepiece for Theorema by bringing their long heritage to life. The precision of the past, but with the design of the present. You will see the artisanal work of magnificent watchmaking which will last well into the future. The ambition of the Made in Germany Kingston Theorema is to be a high-level grade watch. You will absolutely love this piece. The open heart on the face of the watch shows the king's crown. The balance wheel was envisioned in such a way to represent the crown of the king.  A perfect spotlight for the mesmerizing engineering put into this unique watch. This watch will attract attention.

At first glance, it looks complicated, but once you get over the first mesmerizing look, you will see that is very structurally designed. The systematic placement of this watch makes for a clear dial and gives it an easy look. A readable dial with the right esthetics was a key component when designing the Kingston Theorema. A classical bezel with a very beautiful open heart movement. Three sub-dials that showcase the day, sun & moon phase, and the date. The sun & moon phase dial is combined with constant seconds. The sub-dials give a sense of arches, which help balance out the dial. Prime qualitative materials were used in order to have the most stable delivery of energy and also have less friction on the main gear. The volatility of the mechanism is of the finest standard. Hand-assembled with care from the team of watchmakers headed by Martin in Pforzheim, Germany. Many hours of labor and love were put into this timepiece. The case is elegant yet sturdy made from stainless steel 5 microns 316L, and the finishing is superb. Overall it has a delightful luster to it.  

Flawless accuracy in timekeeping. Impeccable precision on your wrist. This timepiece is extremely easy to set. The facile push buttons will make it an effortless experience. Smooth daily wear with many features. The attention to detail showcase that this watch was built exceptionally well. 
A distinctive timepiece powered by the movement of your wrist. A mechanical marvel. The Made in Germany Kingston Theorema wants without any doubt to become a prime collection for the brand. You will treasure this watch. It will hold a special place in your heart. You will enjoy wearing it. You are the king, and you must wear your crown jewel. The Kingston Theorema was made for you. 

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