A minimalist watch inspired by Havana, Cuba.

A minimalist watch inspired by Havana, Cuba.

Our automatic Havana by Pionier Germany strives to convey the message of simplicity. The essential beauty of this watch and its minimalist design make for an amazing memorable gift. The necessary elements are here in this model time, date, day, and month. The functionality of this piece is undeniable. This is a true moderate watch. The attention to shape, color, and design are all the heart of a minimalist masterpiece. 

Why did Pionier name a minimalist watch after a colorful city? Because Havana represents much more than just the rich casino's lifestyle of the 50s and 60s. To find joy in Havana you don't need the rich luxurious lifestyle. The Havana watch is as pure as the music of Cuba. The Havana watch beauty is in the roots of the everyday life of Havana the city. This watch is straight to the point. You will be stricken by the simplicity of the design, but as well of the minimalist color patterns that this watch easily displays. 

This is not a flashy watch. With this watch, Pionier wants to state that less is more. A classical face with classical hands. A simple function of time and calendar and nothing fancy about it, but still beautiful in its unique style. There are no unnecessary elements on this watch. Everything you see has a purpose. The shape of the watch and the push buttons are as well classical and in a linear design. Minimalism is not about creating something complicated. The Havana watch is as simple and harmonious as a day spent in the sunny Havana. 

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