Tufina Theorema Zurich Tourbillon, mechanical GMT tourbillon for men

A Guide On Sapphire Crystals on Watches

Sapphire crystal is a term you've undoubtedly heard of if you're familiar with watch jargon. The watch's lens, also referred to as the "crystal" or "glass," is the one that experiences the most wear and tear out of all the parts. The lens, which covers the dial as a protective layer, is prone to scratches and other damage. As a result, watch companies have always experimented with various materials for watch lens construction. Numerous materials, including plexiglass, acrylic, mineral crystal, sapphire crystal, and hesalite crystal, can be used to make the lens. Today, we'll talk about one of the most expensive and sought-after materials used in watchmaking - sapphire crystal. Read on to discover why this watch component is so fantastic!

Tufina Theorema Zurich Tourbillon GM-901-1, mechanical tourbillon watch for men, GMT tourbillon with a skeleton dial, silver case, skeletonized hands, black leather band and sun and moon phase indicator

Tufina: Zurich Tourbillon GM-901-1 by Theorema, Germany.

What is a sapphire crystal?

Sapphire crystal isn't actually a type of glass. It is actually pure aluminum oxide that has undergone extremely high temperatures during the crystallization process. The outcome is sapphire crystal, an extraordinarily durable and resilient substance. A diamond is rated ten on the Mohs scale, but a sapphire crystal is rated nine! Because of its exceptional scratch resistance, it's a great material to use for watch lenses. This transparent material, highly esteemed in the industry, transformed the entire watchmaking process. Its strength is comparable to natural sapphire gemstones in terms of hardness. 

What is the process of making sapphire crystals?

As was previously noted, pure aluminum oxide crystallizes when it is heated to extremely high temperatures, producing sapphire crystal. The substance creates masses after it crystallizes. Manufacturers slice tiny pieces out of these bulk with specialized diamond-covered cutting tools. Typically, the cut parts take the shape of disks, which are subsequently polished and honed into the sapphire crystals we see on watches.

Why are sapphire crystals so expensive?

The process of creating sapphire crystals is typically costly. Due to the high cost of the tools required to cut and shape the crystal, few manufacturers will employ them. The procedure is also labor-intensive, drawn out, and time-consuming. Because of this, sapphire crystal watches, in addition to being extremely high-quality, exude prestige and elegance. Its rarity and value are increased by the fact that it is among the hardest materials on Earth. Since sapphire crystals are practically impervious to scratches, watches featuring such lenses are made to last a lifetime! 

Tufina Geneva Tourbillon Pionier tourbillon watch for men with an automatic movement, open heart window, leaf hands, diamonds, blue leather band

Tufina: Pionier Geneva Tourbillon GM-902-5 by Pionier, Germany.

Sapphire Crystal vs. Mineral Crystal

Mineral crystal is still far less expensive than sapphire crystal, even though it is slightly more expensive than plastic or acrylic substitutes. Its greater scratch resistance makes it a better option than acrylic or plastic lenses, although sapphire crystal is truly not comparable. Nevertheless, for those looking for a respectable mid-range watch, it's an affordable choice. However, if you're willing to shell out a little more cash and want a watch that will last, going with a sapphire crystal watch is highly recommended. In the long term, its lifespan will pay you tenfold. Sapphire crystal timepieces are unquestionably the greatest choice if you're searching for sturdiness and distinction. 

Tufina Pionier Basel Tourbillon, automatic tourbillon watch for men with a rose gold case, blue dial, blue leather band, open heart window, Arabic breguet numerals, dual-time function

Tufina Pionier Basel Tourbillon GM-903-5 Rose.

Why do people prefer sapphire crystal watches?

Anyone who’s in the market for a high-end timepiece usually goes for a sapphire crystal watch. That’s because sapphire crystal is so durable and resistant to scratches, it is regarded as the most expensive lens material on the market. When opting for such a timepiece, you will acquire a watch that will definitely endure the test of time. Sapphire crystal lenses guarantee that your watch remains scratch-free even after consistent use, which makes them not only an ideal watch for everyday wear, but also a perfect family heirloom. Check out our top three choices if you're searching for some of the greatest sapphire crystal watches at affordable prices!

Top three sapphire crystal watches from Tufina

Zurich Tourbillon Theorema GM-901-2 Gold

Each Zurich Tourbillon is individually made by hand. One of the most intricate and challenging processes - the crafting of a tourbillon movement. Our watchmakers invest months of continuous work to craft one single timepiece, hence the limited production of these wonderful pieces of engineering. This high-end luxury tourbillion is one of our finest creations. The case has undergone Ion plating with 22 karat gold. The skeletonized dial showcases intricate engravings. A beautiful, sapphire crystal lens covers the face, allowing for amazing transparency, scratch-resistance and clarity. The dynamic tourbillon movement is made in-house, using 20 jewels. As beautiful as it is practical, Zurich Tourbillon comes with a dual-time function and a sun & moon phase complication. Skeletonized Super-LumiNova hands glide over elegant sticks and Roman numerals. A real leather band is paired with a deployment buckle for extra security. 

Basel Tourbillon Pionier GM-903-2

A clean-looking mechanical tourbillon with a sapphire crystal front and back. Basel Tourbillon is one of our best-selling timepieces, due to its stylish appeal and utility. Powered by an in-house movement with 19 rubies, this high-end dual-time  tourbillon is practical and reliable. A limited edition design that features a sun and moon phase complication, open heart window at 6 o’clock and thin elegant hands and Arabic numerals. Perfect harmony is achieved with the face of this watch. The classic blue leather band compliments every element, creating a holistic aesthetic. The shock protection system adds to its durability and engineering value.

Geneva Tourbillon GM-902-6 Gold

If you prefer  automatic watches, the Geneva Tourbillon is a fantastic option. The carefully polished sapphire crystal allows you to have a clear look at the caliber through the open-heart window. The co-axial tourbillon movement truly puts up a show! This top-notch watch is designed with the fashionable man in mind. Leaf double-colored hands are noticeable and yet elegant. They match perfectly well with the thin Roman numerals and the 12 diamond decoration. The sun and moon phase complication adds novelty and flare to this limited edition design. The blue leather band is a wise pick, making this particular model one of our favorites.

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