6 Things to Remember When Buying a New Watch Online

6 Things to Remember When Buying a New Watch Online

Watches don't just tell time. They are an indispensable fashion accessory and make a statement about your taste, lifestyle, and achievements. You can buy luxury watches online at great prices, but not all online retailers are trustworthy. We have listed a few points you should consider while buying a watch online.


Before you start looking at watches, decide how much you want to spend on your watch. You can buy a waterproof watch for $15 or pay $50,000 for an exclusive Rolex. It all depends on your budget. Deciding on a price range will save time as it can narrow down the brands and models that will fit within your budget. Keep in might that not all good quality watches are expensive. There are plenty of luxury timepieces sold for affordable prices.

Reasons for Purchase

If you're looking for a timepiece that's functional and durable, buy military or sport style watches. Timex, Casio, and Luminox are affordable and sturdy. If you'd like to show the world you've made it, go for luxury watch brands. Many watch enthusiasts love German watch brands for their understated style, engineering, and craftsmanship. There is aGerman watchfor everyone, whether you're looking for a durable timepiece or an investment-grade work of mechanical art. Some of the best German-made wristwatches from our collection include theGeneva Pionier,Venezia Theorema,Kingston Theorema, andAmsterdam Pionier.


The watch movement is the life of a timepiece. The best watches from reputable brands use in-house movements. Mechanical movements are classic, you have to manually wind them. Automatic movements use the natural motion of the wearer to power the timepiece. Quartz movements are the most common, and they are accurate and affordable. They run on a battery with a life span of up to 36 months.

Water Resistance

A timepiece that can withstand water pressure is deemed water-resistant. A watch that's stamped water-resistant can survive accidental wetting and rain. However, water resistance doesn't mean that you can swim or shower while wearing your wristwatch. Since the watch's gaskets or O rings form watertight seals at the joints, look for watches with a water resistance guarantee. They should cover defects and the materials for a certain period from the purchased date. Well-known watch brands come with an international warranty.

Type of Materials

Watches are made of gold, silver, leather, stainless steel, canvas, ceramic, titanium, and plastic. Stainless steel is a commonly used material, and it is safe to use for those with sensitive skin. 316L stainless steel watches are durable and affordable. Ceramic watches are scratch and heat resistant. Titanium is about three times stronger than steel, so these watches are often marked at higher prices.

Legitimate Online Seller

The most important factor when buying a watch online is to find a website you can trust. You don't want to waste hundreds or thousands of dollars on a low-quality watch. When buying online, look for authorized dealers. Ensure they have good customer reviews, free shipping, an easy return policy, and a money-back guarantee. Check our inventory of hand-assembled timepieces.

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