5 style watches to give him on Christmas Day.

5 style watches to give him on Christmas Day.

Tufina thought would be nice to guide you in the matter of matching the perfect watch with his style. Some men like to dress very classy, others do prefer casual. There are men that like sports; on the other hand, lots of men like art. Do not worry, we have got you covered. 

1. The Classical Man - Made in Germany Kingston Theorema
A lifestyle design. A well-balanced construction. A classical bezel with a very beautiful open heart movement. The volatility of the mechanism is of the finest standard. Flawless accuracy in timekeeping. Impeccable precision on your wrist. The balance wheel was envisioned in such a way to represent the crown of the king.  A perfect spotlight for the mesmerizing engineering put into this unique watch. This watch was made for a king. 

2. The Art Lover - Made in Germany Venezia Theorema
The craftsmanship in this particular timepiece applies both to the movement and the decoration of it. An extremely elaborate and beautiful showcased face. This distinct timepiece it's so because the machine is in itself the decoration. A full skeleton of this caliber can only impress purely on its own merits. The fascination of seeing hundreds of little pieces come to life and move without battery is what truewatchmakingis all about. 

3. The Sportsman - Made in Germany Hawaii Pionier 
The marvelous finish on the case and the sturdy sophisticated look will make for an unforgettable timepiece. This dual time automatic watch is not only fashionable but highly practical. The gear lookalike top ring case, as well as the 6 flange head screws, give the feeling of indestructible industrial built. The big strong crown with its rare push clasp to cover it will fascinate any watch lover. This watch sells itself since it is just bold and cool.

4. The Cosmopolitan - Made in Germany Chicago Diamonds Pionier
It is extremely attractive. The dial is what really sets this watch apart.  It is a two-tone sector dial, the inner one is engraved with a unique pattern, and the outer track is where the real diamonds 0.05 karat are placed. Another attraction to this timepiece is the golden Roman numerals. They really add a touch of authenticity to this watch. The aesthetics of the Chicago Diamonds Pionier watch are completed by the amazing Breguet hands, named after Abraham Louis Breguet who invented them.

5. Bold & Casual - Made in Germany Amsterdam Pionier 
From an engineering standpoint, there is a great deal of elegance showcased with this watch. The first thing noticeable is the refined design. A full calendar feature displayed harmoniously on the face of the watch. There is beauty in the simplicity of the face of this watch. The top ring carbon case is part of the design. Remember the 165 canals of Amsterdam? This is what these carbon fibers on the watch represent. The revolutionary crown with its spreading wings. In order to set up the calendar, you push the wings. 

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