5 Reasons Why Wristwatches Will Always Remain Trendy

5 Reasons Why Wristwatches Will Always Remain Trendy

Although it may seem like the new smartphone generation has abandoned wristwatches, a recent WSL report stated people still wear wristwatch as a fashion accessory. Here are a few reasons why you should not throw away your grandfather’s vintage wristwatch but instead get it restored and enjoy it with pride. 

  1. As a Fashion Accessory:Since the 16thcentury, watches that were designed by master craftsmen as collectors’ items have adorned wrists and pockets of famous men and women as status symbols. Some of them were even decorated with precious stones and used as a method to display wealth. Even after mass production of watches became the norm, watches designed by upmarket designers and Swiss watchmakers continue to be treasured as gentleman’s timepiece.
  1. Functionality of Watches:Watches have been recognized for their role in helping synchronize wars maneuvers and as timers for sportspersons and professionals since the time they were manufactured. As most of them are powered by motion or tiny batteries, they are functional for years, unlike smartwatches that have to be charged frequently. 
  1. Embodiment of Craftsmanship:Quality watches are handcrafted works of art that are worked on for hours to uphold in every precise detail. A watch is a masterpiece that watchmakers and craftsmen may work on for several months to make them special. The complex mechanical movements within a handcrafted timepiece are designed in detail from its outer cover to dials and the leather or metal belts.
  1. As a Statement:Accessories for men are limited and stylish wristwatches with elaborate details like chronographs and calendars can become a symbol of power and style. While smartwatches are obsolete once the latest version is released, a luxury wristwatch endures. It is a personal style statement that reflects adventure, wealth, and status in an incredibly masculine way.
  1. Reliable and Trustworthy:A beautifully crafted mechanical wristwatch is reliable in any situation and for several days instead of shutting down from a lack of battery power. A self- winding or automatic watch is as relevant today in a technology-driven society as it was a centuries ago. It is a trusty device that helps people recognize the value of time.

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