Why do you want a skeleton watch?

Why do you want a skeleton watch?

Show off high end intricate watch movement.
What goes beyond the dial of the watch it is so special. The master engineering of a timepiece with hundreds of pieces is a work to be marveled at. The obsession with skeleton watches started in the early 19th century, and it still holds. Watchmakers and buyers are still fascinated by this style of mechanical skeleton watches. 

A conversation starter.
Having a skeleton watch nowadays has become almost a signature wear for many gentlemen. It is a rare timepiece, therefore it is sure to start an easy ice breaker conversation in any given situation. People are usually used to see quartz watches with a very plain dial, but a skeleton watch shows the fantastic design which catches the attention. 

Luxury feel and look.
A lot of people love to buy skeleton watches because of how expensive they feel on the wrist and showcase an impressive look to the eye. Even though you have purchased an affordable timepiece, many people will think you have purchased a very luxurious watch. If this is something you are looking into than a skeleton watch will impress many. 

Relationship with the timepiece.
Mechanical watches are hand wind. They need the owner to put power reserve into them. This is a feeling that a lot of watch enthusiasts love, because they feel as if they bring their timepiece to life. It becomes part of your routine winding it and setting it up. While you do this you get to admire the mastery of the skeleton movement. 

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