The story of our Sydney watch.

We had decided to name one of our watches Sydney in honor of a great uncle of hours that after WWII escaped to Australia in exile to survive the communists. There he married an Italian lady, created his own happy family. Our grandmother Q. Tufina (his sister) could not see him for + 40 years. The endless stories she told about him made us love this great uncle that we met only once. With their story in mind we created our own Sydney. At 12 and 6 o'clock you will see two half circles far from each other. We did this trying to represent at 12 o'clock our grandmother and at 6 o'clock our great uncle most of their lives apart. In a sense never complete... We decided to add diamonds to this watch because the love and the longing that she had for him was a diamond on its own. The other reason we decided to give the crown a cover design was that at the end this is a story that describes the bond between a brother and a sister; thus, the crown is protected. Love is the answer!

Tufina Family