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Q & A with Tufina Watches. 10 most asked questions.

Let us answer some of the most asked questions you have for us. 

Tips to Help You Maintain a Mechanical Watch

Mechanical watches are prized possessions, and with proper care and maintenance, they can last for several decades and be passed...

Why Do Men Love Watches?

Thanks to technology, most of us always have the time in our pockets as we carry around our smartphones. And...

Mechanical or Automatic Watches: What Should You Choose?

Should you buy a hand-wound watch or prefer automatic watches? Read this guide to learn more.

A watch designed after a famous bridge.

The quality of workmanship and German engineering in the San Francisco Theorema it rivals any best watches out there

A watch will never go out of style

A lot of magazines say that a man buys a watch because it is convenient. Yes, that is true, but...

Crème de la crème is back in stock!

More than 10 years a best seller for Theorema. The absolute watch of the German powerhouse. Latest production release: June...

Why do people wear watches on the left hand?

The real answer is because of the dominant hand. What we know as wristwatches first began to become popular around the...

How to take care of your mechanical watch?

If you have a manual mechanical watch that needs to be wound, you should do so daily. 

What are the pros of a Tufina mechanical watch?

The smooth tactile process of manually winding the watch and seeing the inner work movement getting power reserve because of...

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