Panthos - Authentic German Design

Panthos - Authentic German Design
When Theorema announced last year that they were bringing back a bestseller here at Tufina we were all excited. The Made in Germany Panthos from the German powerhouse is a true statement of a quality watch. The display of premium craftsmanship backed by an international warranty. Panthos collection is an exclusive limited edition.  The watch has a ton of vintage charm. At the same time, it is a modern en vogue timepiece. Every watch enthusiast would love the distinct design on the Panthos especially with the showcasing of the mechanism. The in-house TH2908 movement adds value to the piece.

It's easy to understand why the watch accomplished the popularity it did and why Theorema decided to bring it back with a nicer mechanism. At 44mm it seats little tall on the wrist, because this masterpiece deserves all the attention it can get. Best displayed if you wear it above the wrist joint. The rectangular on the bezel and the Roman numerals harmoniously fit the inner half bezel in the middle. Hand-Wound watch with a sturdy engraved crown. The stick hands were picked to synchronize with the geometric linear design of the face. 17 jewels to smoothen the movement of the skeleton. What Theorema was trying to achieve is that when you look down at your watch it will give you a thrust of pleasure. We are safe to say that their goal was achieved. 

A genuine leather strap that will fit perfectly to your wrist. Theorema thought of those stainless steel band lovers too, so there is a lot of room to choose from. The collection is very limited in number, just 25 pieces per color. The classiness of this watch, and where it leaves people speechless, is the rare open back case. You will have a hard time taking your eyes off from all the movements of the mechanism. It is a warm feeling when you see that your hand-wound motion makes all those complicated pieces move. The kinetic energy that powers the mechanism will create the most authentic tic-tic sound. 



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